Warm spare backup fails

setup warm server backup
started backup job on primary server - fails trying to write file

[2024-07-09 11:04:19] [f44b8a0d-04e0-4834-99dc-e7fa789897bc.ERROR]: Unable to write file at location: 20240709-110410-1720537450-17.0.16-1678446689.tar.gz. Unable to load private key.

Hi @mkaye It looks like something is wrong with the filestore SSH key. Make sure you have specified the correct private key path. Are you able to connect via SSH to your warm spare server from the primary system using the private key mentioned in the filestore?


Hi @mkaye

On FreePBX v17, you can upload the public key from the UI. , Refer wiki https://sangomakb.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/FP/pages/295895061/Warmspare+SSH+setup+for+Freepbx+17

Also, the filestore SSH private key path should be:


i am able to SSH into secondary from primary
i changed the private key path from above
1st time through mistyped gql:backup in API of secondary server
in backup on primary ‘select warm server’ dropdown was empty, but test warm server worked
workaround was to select SSH, then come back to API & select secondary server
i did this & now i have my secondary server in the dropdown, but test warm server fails
i created a new entry in the API of the secondary server & updated all my keys, but test still fails