Warm Spare API Restore Fails - Certificate issuer is not recognized

When trying to do a warm spare with API in the v15 module, I get the following error when using a publicly trusted SSL cert. It’s the same SSL cert on both machines, a wildcard and I’m connecting with the separate hostname (host-1 and host-2).

We Have triggered an API to restore the backup on Spare Server

In CurlFactory.php line 186:
  cURL error 60: Peer's Certificate issuer is not recognized. (see http://cur

SSL is issued by Comodo SSL Store (comodosslstore.com). PositiveSSL Wildcard (DV)

If I wget something from the other server, it has no problems with the cert. I suspect that the root CA isn’t authorized. Not sure if I should try adding the root CA/intermediate bundle. Not sure if others are having this problem. There are lots of similar reports not related to FreePBX online with possible solutions.

I seem to be able to do what I need over SSH, and created another topic about anything I might be missing without the API. Connect Warm Spare Server Over API vs SSH (v15)

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