Want to use 2 phonebooks on D70 phone

I have 2 D70 phones that I would like to configure to use a personal customized phonebook that is tied to the 5 spare line keys on the main display, and then I would like to use the full internal phonebook that is default on the sidecar keys (as is the default behavior). I have been able to configure the phone to use either/or, but not both phonebooks simultaneously. Our system is an AsteriskNOW install using Asterisk version 11.16.0 and FreePBX version We are using DPMA, and the phones work normally other than the inability to have separate phonebooks on these two different sets of buttons.

The desired behavior is to have a “top 5” contacts whose phones are tied to the 5 line keys, with the ability to reach anyone in the system via navigating the full phonebook which is on the sidecar. I know how to make the phonebooks. I know how to configure the phone to use either phonebook individually on either the line keys or the sidecar keys. What I need help with is the combination - custom list on spare line keys, and full internal phonebook on sidecar.

If anyone has experience or a suggestion please share. I’ve searched the KBs and googled every combination of terms I can think to try, Thanks.

I believe the phone books are loaded in order to fill the available buttons. So for example, if your first phonebook had only the top five entries, and the second phonebook had the regular list of users, and you then put them in that order onto the phone, it should load in that order. I haven’t tried it myself yet – but that would be my first guess as to how to make it work.

Thanks. That was my assumption as well which is why I made the “priority” phonebook with only 5 entries to fill the line keys, assuming that the sidecar keys would then fill with the internal phonebook, but when I choose the custom phonebook it does not use the internal phonebook at all, instead only filling the 5 line keys, and leaving the sidecar keys blank. Thanks for the suggestion. Perhaps the issue is a FreePBX/DPMA issue allowing only a single phonebook to be specified, and there is a way to edit a config file to list multiple phonebooks?

Also note, I’m not married to the idea of solving the problem in this way (multiple phonebooks). It just seemed like the natural way to do it. If there is a way that is intended for you to be able to tie custom extensions to line keys while tying the internal phonebook to the sidecar keys I’m happy to solve the problem that way. I just haven’t come across the procedure to do so.

In keeping with the old saying that a picture is worth 1000 words, here is 2000 words worth of pictures.

You can see the desired behavior in the first picture. The second picture shows my configuration. Note that I reordered the phonebooks within the box to list Michele before Internal Phonebook, but the system alphabetized them. Also note that I selected Michele for the rapid dial keys, and that rapid dial on unused keys (i.e. the 5 line keys where I want the Michele phonebook) is enabled.