Want to try the new sangoma phones but

I can not find how to provision using OSS EPM, no templates. I tried to install the commercial version but it conflict with OSS.
I am not about to remove OSS as I have some 150 phones I manage with it. and I am not about to buy just to try a few phones.
Any other options?
Sangoma will probably sell more phones making it available without strings.
I read it is a great phone and I am willing to start using it on my installed base and new customers.

The Sangoma phones are “tightly integrated” to FreePBX and the Commercial EPM. You need to uninstall the OSS EPM and reinstall the commercial one to get where you want to go.

With the investment in OSS that you’ve made, you might want to contact Lorne (@lgaetz), Andrew (@tm1000) or one of the other Sangoma faithful directly to see what the best path forward is.

I’ve found them to be easy to work with and willing to help a guy out. With that number of phones, it might be a good time to move up to the commercial EPM anyway. They might be able to suggest a way to “upgrade in place” with the OSS config files. Or not - I don’t know. I do know that they are pros and should be able to give you a “no nonsense” route to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Unfortunately its much more then just OSS EPM since our phones have tight integration wth lots of other features in FreePBX that go way beyond just configuring the phone such as phone apps and their need to know alot more about the PBX.

Perhaps, as I see it in the practical order of things all those “features tightly integrated” are just as common as the ones in a Polycom or other brands. To the end user from what I read sangoma has nothing to make me jump on a new paid proprietary “cisco” style way of doing business.
Maybe sangoma can create a chart of those features that compares with the existing phones in the market place so we can properly guide our customers on what is best for them.
In mean time, no template for simple phone configuration on the existing OSS will only prevent me from even trying on any of my installed base.
The end user is the one to tell if they will use it and if the features are worth to jump ship from a solid know platform they are already used to.

the advantage of the paid epm is that it has ongoing support. the OSS one depends on community support which comes and goes. you can of course, develop your own templates for OSS.

I am sorry but we just do not have the cycles to add this to OSS EPM and support it. OSS EPM was never built or maintained by us and its just not something we can do.

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