Want to setup complete PBX solution linked with Website

HI all,

I want to build a multitennant PBX system with asterisk like (Jive Communications, 3CX, 8x8inc)

I want when users submit their request from my website they can be charged like twilio and an automated procedure will setup their cloud instance and give them access to their pbx portal with respect to their purchased package.

Any guide lines from where I can start. Any help related to architecture will be greatly appreciated.

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This is so cool. I like to see you succeed!!
It looks like your project takes on the dimension of building a UN charter for all nations to agree on.
Good luck


FreePBX is not multi-tenant. You are looking for a much larger infrastructure. I would guess you would need a few engineers and around 6 figures to do such a thing.


But where to start ?

Hire some software engineers and some SIP engineers that know one of the popular SIP switches (i.e. Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Kamailio, etc.) and then a some accounting/legal folks who know the billing / taxation / regulatory requirements for the jurisdictions you’ll service (if you’ll have customers in the US, this will be especially fun), and some UX designers, marketing people, and get some capital to make it all happen.

Where to start? Maybe a business plan for all the above? Or just start coding and see what you can come up with. I doubt you can build what you described using purely off the shelf stuff.

Good luck!

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Is there any way If I can integrate some of the software servers like asterisk for calling, a2billing for billing, and any customized Web GUI to create a single instance of this sort of setup.

As it has been stated, FreePBX is not designed for multi-tenancy. Can it be done? Yes but at that point you make the GUI and most of what FreePBX does irrelevant because you have to bypass most of it. So can you use FreePBX as a base for this? Yes. Can you use FreePBX as is for this? No. Not at all.

We also have discussed A2Billing recently in another thread and that software is basically dead. Hasn’t seen any real updates in over 4 years and they are not maintaining it. It was also a horrible solution to begin with.

As someone who does this for a living, making a platform like Jive and others out there is going to take what others have already stated. An engineer(s) with the proper experience and the funding to make this happening and six figures is a fair estimate.

There’s a lot that needs to go into this. This isn’t web hosting you just can’t slap something up and be a “provider”.


Thanks Blaze. :slight_smile:

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