Want to set up soft keys by name, extension in alphabetical order

We have some Digium D70 phones which have an LCD screen with several pages of BLFs. I want to set these up in the template so that our users can page through looking for a user by name (firstname lastname) and then they can see if that user is on his line, or press the button to dial the user.

This is especially important for our receptionist who knows everyone’s name, but does not have their extensions memorized. In fact, most of our employees know each other by name, not extension, so searching for them using the soft keys is very difficult.

The problem is that if I set up the template this way and we lose or add an employee, I have to go to their alphabetical location in the soft key setup and re-enter everything from there down, all the way to the last user.

There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do this from the GUI. Is there a config file I could edit manually to make this easier or is the softkey information stored in a database? If so, could an SQL statement be created to populate the table so that whenever employees change we can have an alpha list of the names and extensions on the BLF buttons on the D70?

EPM let’s you drag BLF entries up and down to re-order them. Still one by one, but you don’t have to re-key

Well that solves the problem! Thanks!

Never would have thought to try that…and it doesn’t give any indication that you can drag and reposition.