Want to know about PJSIP 1.8 Kernel version compatibility and Processor dependencies

Hello All,

I want to know about PJSIP 1.8 Kernel support.
It mean Is Linux version 3.4.90+ support the PJSIP 1.8 ?

Want to run PJSIP 1.8 on OlimexMicro A20 board, but I confuse and stuck in codec.
Its a once type of porting of application from,

TI AM1808 SITARA custom board to    OlimexMicro A20 board
Kernel 2.6.37                 to    Kernel 3.4.90+
Custom RFS                    to    Debian prebuild RFS

In PJSIP 1.8 there is G722 coded has been used but A20 processor has already built in coded.
For that reason I didn’t get particular that which type of codec I have to use in PJSIP1.8 and how to make it compatible with A20 processor.
On board there are sunxiCODEC and PCM CODEC.

For that reason I need to Kernel version 3.4.90+ , Is it support PJSIP 1.8 or not?
Any one have same issue(PJSIP on A20 processor) related to, let me know about it.

Any suggestions will welcome.

Jaymin D