WANROUTER FAILED during startup

My original distro running doesn’t have this problem. During boot up, everything gets an ok next to it.

Fast forward, I just installed the latest 64bit distro 1.811.210.57 and after the full install and a reboot, during the bootup I see as the ‘OKs’ are flying up the screen, this message:

ERROR: Wanpip configuration file not found:

So I sort of ignored it, configured the box, tested all the phones, extensions, etc… seemed fine, but I’m wondering what the heck this wanrouter thing is for.

Question: If I’m just running a small office with 4 DIDs, a few handsets, 1 remote phone, voicemail, callerid… do I need the WANROUTER to start?

Please steer me in the right direction.


Wanrouter is part of the wanpipe package for use with Sangoma cards. If you are not using Sangoma cards in your system then you don’t need it.

Simply do
# chkconfig --del wanrouter
to get rid of this message.