Wanpipe- on linux kernel 4.15


I guess this is the wrong forum to ask this, because it is not directly related to FreePBX, but I didn’t find any other forum to ask. If you can point me in the right direction for asking for this, it’ll be appreciated.

Last version of wanpipe still relies on a ‘init_timer()’ interface which has been removed in linux kernel 4.15. So when I try to compile it on a Ubuntu Server 18.04 (which uses kernel 4.15.0-46-generic), fails with:

//usr/include/wanpipe/wanpipe_common.h: In function ‘wan_init_timer’:
//usr/include/wanpipe/wanpipe_common.h:1053:2: error: implicit declaration of function ‘init_timer’; did you mean ‘init_timers’? [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]

Any word on this?

Thanks for your help, and again, sorry for the almost-offtopic.

Good luck. I submitted that “bug” to Sangoma Support close to two years ago and after an 8 month wait was told it was not a high priority issue and they wouldn’t be working on it. I’ve been working with Sangoma products since 1998 and they have never had a a driver compile clean on the newest kernel. In the past they responded to bug reports and released a patch. I sent in a lot. This last time around the support was so bad and blatently uncaring that I’ve moved my clients to Patton.

Hi @drmad

Please give try with below beta release. This is under testing and will be releasing as soon as we have passed our internal QA process.

for such issues or if you face any issue in 25.5 release then feel free to raise support ticket.

Best Regards

Hi @kgupta1

Thank you very much for the update. The 25.5 indeed compiled without problems. I hope I won’t find any more issues in production :smile:

Just to be sure, this is the correct place to ask for support about this?

¡Saludos desde Perú!

Preference to open support ticket for cards/driver related issues. thanks.

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