Wall Mount of Sangoma Phones


A hopeful customer of mine is looking to convert to FreePBX / Sangoma phones, and I know that Sangoma has a wall mount to hang the phone on a wall:


I was able to obtain the mounting hole dimensions, and the customer came back that he wants to use a wallplate, which I believe is this:


I don’t think they are compatible. Has anyone run into this situation, and found a solution? I have used Aastra, Digium, and Sangoma phones over the last 10+ years, and never run across this before.


Unless you are using a wallmount plate specifically designed for a plug block, your are likely to run into problems with these. The are designed for Cat3 cable and usually only have 4-6 wire connectors inside. I use Cisco phones that mount on these same plates, and have installed Cat5 cables and plugs in them. and they are still a pain, since the cable run for the connector to the actual phone is not in a place that makes sense with this plate.

Having said that, though, the plate may fit inside the hole in the back of the mounting bracket. The network wiring issue may still bite you, but I think you may be able to use them together.

Hello Dave,

Thanks for the note. I am the hopeful phone vendor; the customer has their own wiring guy that will work on the network topology. They know that computer ethernet wiring (Cat5) or better is required for the project.

I think we will need to order the plate from Sangoma, and see how we can fasten it to the wall plate, or get some sort of adapter. I am hoping others who see this conversation may have found an answer.


Sales or Presales Engineering should actually be able to answer your question in a few minutes. I’d give them a call and see what they have to say.

We ran into a similar issue. We had new wiring done and used Cat6 cabling, and have a similar wallplate. We ended up using Yealink T41S with wallplate adapters.

Otherwise, we ended up taking off the wallplate and just mounting directly on the wall, covering the hole as best we could.

Otherwise, you would be looking at making your own adapter with a 3D printer:

That is awesome.

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