Wakeup_surveyd high cpu

Server on FreePBX and Asterisk 14.6.1

See process "/bin/sh /var/lib/asterisk/bin/wakeup_surveyd using high cpu (30-40%).

Can’t find much about it via internet searching.

I’m assuming it’s the wakeup application, but why? We’re not using it.

Are you using the “Sangoma Property Manager” module?

No, or at least not intentionally if so.

When I go to it in GUI, says, “Warning! Your property is not configured. Please configure your property to continue” so I’m assuming not.

Should I uninstall the module?

if you are not using it/going to use it I would uninstall it.

Note this should be fixed in the latest update.

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Okay thanks

I have the same problem. This process is taking up almost half a core, for 2 days now.
I removed Sangoma Property Manager and Wake Up Calls, they were not needed anyway.

If i kill the process, it won’t come back until i reboot the system.

Make sure you reload (“apply config”) after removing. This will remove the file. You can also use rm to remove it.

Confirming that removing the module fixed the high CPU issue.

Same here, removing the module fixed the high CPU issue



Indeed, if you don’t ues PMS module, then no need keep this module here.
I don’t know what’s the PMS version used here but however, this issue doesn’t exist any more in the last version.