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Wakeup_surveyd high cpu

(Steven Sedory) #1

Server on FreePBX and Asterisk 14.6.1

See process "/bin/sh /var/lib/asterisk/bin/wakeup_surveyd using high cpu (30-40%).

Can’t find much about it via internet searching.

I’m assuming it’s the wakeup application, but why? We’re not using it.

(TheJames) #2

Are you using the “Sangoma Property Manager” module?

(Steven Sedory) #3

No, or at least not intentionally if so.

When I go to it in GUI, says, “Warning! Your property is not configured. Please configure your property to continue” so I’m assuming not.

Should I uninstall the module?

(TheJames) #4

if you are not using it/going to use it I would uninstall it.

Note this should be fixed in the latest update.

(Steven Sedory) #5

Okay thanks

(Kostas) #6

I have the same problem. This process is taking up almost half a core, for 2 days now.
I removed Sangoma Property Manager and Wake Up Calls, they were not needed anyway.

If i kill the process, it won’t come back until i reboot the system.

(TheJames) #7

Make sure you reload (“apply config”) after removing. This will remove the file. You can also use rm to remove it.

(Steven Sedory) #8

Confirming that removing the module fixed the high CPU issue.


Same here, removing the module fixed the high CPU issue


(Franck Danard) #10


Indeed, if you don’t ues PMS module, then no need keep this module here.
I don’t know what’s the PMS version used here but however, this issue doesn’t exist any more in the last version.