Wake up Calls

Is there a faster way to set wake up calls for every day as opposed to manually creating a wake up call for each day?
I have a client that wants to receive a wake up call every single day at the same time (5:45 am because shes a crazy person), however for me to do that i need to create a call within the Wake up Calls module for each day. there has to be a more efficient way to do this right?

I would write a script that generates a call file and schedule via cron job.


Thank you, That was my initial thought i just wanted to see if anyone knew of another module or something similar that would make this a bit easier. I appreciate the reply :slight_smile:

Similar to @PitzKey 's call file cron, you could put an asterisk CLI command into your crontab:

45 5 * * * /usr/sbin/asterisk -rx "channel originate local/[email protected] application playback wakeup-call"

The channel originate CLI is very simple while call files give you more options.


Ahh yee :wink: This is very helpful, +Brownie Points for The name lol

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