VVX 400 - TFTP Issue

I have a Distro running and just adding in VVX400 units and these new phones will not tftp down a config file, I have tried multiple firmwares on the phones with no change

Phones show error cannot download MAC.cnf

checked tftp and it is running, restarted service no change, restarted machine no change.

shutdown iptables firewall with no change, all IP501 and IP550 units will tftp just fine just not the VVX400 units

All Phones are on the same network as the pbx so no NAT issues

Obvious stupid question - did you make sure that the phones’ local network was trusted in your integrated firewall config?

The older phones used DHCP Option 66 - the newer Polycom’s want DHCP Option 160 - Here:

Fixed the exact same problem for VVX-410’s the other day.

Yes, the phones local network is trusted and also in the SIP

now having the issue of none of the new phones are pulling tftp, cisco 79xx Polycom IP501 or anything

Yep have all of the dhcp options set, also set the tftp directly on the phones.