Vultr or Cyberlink?

I know Cyberlink is the official FreePBX hosting provider so I understand that the official community needs to endorse them but I need a local IP in Asia and Vultr has servers in Singapore whereas Cyberlink doesn’t.

Vultr also offers more memory and additional CPU cores as options for the VMs so there is room to grow whereas with Cyberlink I’d have to switch to a virtual sever if I need more resources.

The system will have 35-50 simultaneous calls on FreePBX 10, Asterisk 13 with a2billing and g729 codecs for the calls. Any comments? Please share your experiences with both providers. Many thanks.

If looking for official partners for hosting in asia, you could look at

The distance from Japan to Singapore is 5,200 km so there could be quite a bit of latency. There is also the issue of CPU cores and memory.

I have used Vultr, and I like the fact you can upload an ISO for deployment. Then you also have the ability to snapshot the running machine, which gives an easy route back to a known working point in the case of a major disaster during upgrades etc.
Vultr will also cost a lot less to host per running pbx