Vulnerability Alert for Module that Is Not Installed (digiumaddoninstaller)

Hi All,

I recieved this alert this morning:

There is 1 module vulnerable to security threats
Ignore this
digiumaddoninstaller (Cur v. should be upgraded to v. to fix security issues: SEC-2015-002

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However, I don’t have the digiumaddon installer installed… Should I install it or just leave this alone as it does not apply to me?

You have version installed.

You have version locally available even if uninstalled. To get rid of those alerts

amportal a ma delete digiumaddoninstaller

(you can’t do it with the GUI)

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You can do it with the gui in 12

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Hello All,

Thank you for the replies. I’ll login to the CLI and delete it from there as I truly do not have it installed, though it is locally available.

Forum question: am I allowed to hijack my own post lol?


I ran the command you suggest at the Linux GUI and received a message that the addon was deleted, however, the message hasn’t been removed from the FreePBX GUI yet so I’ll run the command amportal restart once I have no calls going through and let you know the outcome.

Thank you all for your assistance!

When I did another, unrelated module upgrade, the message went away. Thanks once again everyone!

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