VTech Phones Not Registered

(Russell Purinton) #1

Trying to use VTECH VSP735 and VSP736 with a freshly installed FreePBX (latest).

I built extension 500, defaulted the phone, set the username, authname, sip server etc.

PBX shows the extension is registered and online.
Phone itself says not registered.

PCAP looks normal for registration

Phone -> PBX : Register
PBX -> Phone: 401 Unauth (with nonce)
Phone -> PBX: Register (with nonce)
PBX -> Phone: 200 OK

Immediately after I see
PBX -> Phone : NOTIFY
Phone -> PBX: 404 Not Found

I’ve tried the phone at 2 different locations with different ISPs and different firewalls, same thing.

This client did not want to purchase EPM, so I went onto another system I have with EPM and generated a config file to use as a guide. I copied that config file and firmware over to the /tftpboot and defaulted the phone again. I set the provisioning server address, and the phone successfully pulled it’s config and firmware, however, it still saying Not Registered. PBX still shows it registered successfully.

I disabled Intrusion Protection and Responsive Firewall to rule that out.

I registered a softclient to the same extension and it works right away no problems.

I changed extension 500 over to CHAN_SIP instead of PJSIP and reconfigured the phone. It now says registered however I cannot make any calls. I’m not sure why it would register OK thru CHAN_SIP and Not Via PJSIP?

Anyone with these phones have prior experience with anything like this?



(Dave Burgess) #2

Logs from /var/log/asterisk/full for the phone’s registration attempt will help a lot.

If I was a guessing man, I’d probably start with NAT settings, just because that’s a common source of weirdness.