VQ Plus Call Back Question

I’m looking for some guidance with VQ Plus.
I’m looking to use the callback feature. I’m reading through the instructions, but the rules on when the callback occurs aren’t clear to me.

I have multiple queues. My question is this: How/When does VQ Plus decide to call back the user and put them in a queue? My assumption is that it occurs if the queue is empty.

My situation has multiple queues and when we have low staffing (nights/weekends/etc), If an agent is on a call in queue A, and the user calls into queue B – I don’t want them to be dialed back until ALL queues are empty. My agent is still busy in Queue A.
Is that an option with this module? Thanks in advance for any insight.

No Queue Call back is on a per queue basis so what it does is call back the caller once their position in line reached. It really doesnt work for small setups where you dont have many callers waiting in line. if only 1 caller is waiting in line they will be called right back so it defeats the purpose.

thanks, I was afraid that was going to be the answer. Wish there was a workaround for this

If you use the Virtual Queue piece of VQ Plus, you can have different entrance and exit points for your queues, allowing you to have different types of callers into the same queue. This may work for your situation, really depends on why you have different queues.

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I have different queues primarily for reporting purposes…