VQ Plus and how it handles the call back

I’m trying to find out how the VQ Plus product works. Specifically what I need to know is regarding the call back. Does it call the next available agent first before it calls the caller back or does it call both at the same time or the caller first and then the agent?

What I’m trying to avoid is the appearance of it being a robo-call system.

Sequence of events:

  • your caller is waiting in a queue, they hear a recording and press 1 to schedule a call back
  • user confirms call back number and then hangs up
  • the queue keeps track of their original place in the queue
  • when their turn comes, the pbx calls the caller back, plays a recording and the caller presses a button to accept
  • caller is now back in the queue, but they are next in line to be answered

Thanks Lorne, that’s exactly what I needed.

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