VPN on Sangoma S505

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I want to add a Sangoma S505 into a FreePBX system for a remote worker.

If I wanted to do this via loging into the phones configuration pages and uploading the tar file, what is the file structure for that? Also, in the vpn.cnf file, is there a folder stucture that you need to specify for the keys?

I know there are probably easier ways to do this but this seems like the most straightforward one for me.

What I have already tried:
Testing this handset from home, I logged into the phone. Added the remote ip of the SIP server with user ID and password. Hansdet registers ok and works but I want a VPN link not an insecure direct connection.

Created a VPN client and linked to the user in User Manager. The option then shows up in EPM but selecting the VPN client and then Save/Rebuild Configs/Update device, the phone shows the message that is Provisioning / Provisioning successful but still does not connect via VPN.

Honestly I think the easiest thing for me at the moment would be just to take the client VPN file downloaded from the UCP and create a tar file the phone will accept. If that is possible.

You may have already guess I am not a telecoms person, just someone who works for a company and had has been pushed into making a FreePBX system work for them with no experience or knowledge… So take it easy on me…

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Just use TLS and SRTP?

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Still ,would like to know why I cannot get the ovpn file to upload sucessfully.

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So, I have now made this work and the phone connects via VPN.

I downloaded the vpn zip file from the UCP for that user, unzipped it and copied the contents of
at the end of the client.ovpn, deleting the lines referencing seperate files. Something I had tried before without sucess.
What I had forgotten to do was wrap each of the certificates and the key in
<ca> </ca> <cert> </cert> <key> </key>

And it works.

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