VPN On FreePBX... What i`m doing wrong

Im trying to activate VPN on my FreePBX i have purchased system admin pro and im not able to use it.
On the Support VPN i`m clicking Configure & Start and Status is not changing, it stays Stopped Unconfigured.

I tested with the .ovpn file to connect that i download from UCP and i get error
Read UDP [ECONNREFUSED]: Connection refused (code=111)

Are you trying to use the VPN for external phones? If so, you need to enable VPN Server, Support VPN is meant for Sangoma to connect to your FreePBX in case you need support from them.

I have enabled on VPN Server > Settings > Enabled=YES
Server range
Redirect=NO (Default)
Routes = NO(Default)

When i try to edit or add new VPN client i get error This Page isn’t working HTTP ERROR 500

Not sure about why you get a 500 error, is probably time to contact Sangoma.

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