VPN Connection​ FreePBX to Router

Hello FreePBX community, hope yall are doing fantastic.

I wanted to ask if anyone has ever done a VPN connection using the FreePBX OpenVPN in the gui to the router on the other end, instead of a Sangoma phone. I know it works great with the Sangoma phones but some of my customers might choose another brand when they would still need the conversations to go through VPN. Is there a way to setup a VPN between the FreePBX VPN server and a router on the other end as a VPN client? So that all of the phones that are on that router network will go through VPN?

I know you can set up two routers and setup a site to site vpn. But if FeePBX is installed in the cloud i think it would be better to have VPN server right in the FreePBX.

Any ideas?

Look at the wiki on how to create VPN users. Then find a router that works with OpenVPN and you should be all set.

But I would do it reverse. Find a router that does openvpn server and have it connect to the PBX with the PBX being a client to the router.

Thanks a lot for your response Tony.

I’m going to try it your way and see how it works.

Just to clarify, when i have created an OpenVPN server on the remote router, where do i configure FreePBX as a client? Would it be in the gui or through CLI?

Here are some wiki pages on how to configure different openvpn clients, you may be able to adapt to your purpose:

Thanks, I’m going to take a look at those.

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I was able to set it up with the OpenVPN client for windows which is a good sign.

Now i’m trying to set it up on my Ubiquiti Unifi USG router as an OpenVPN client and it’s asking for a Shared Secret Key.

Do you know where I would find it?