VPN config issue

The Wiki for setting up Open VPN here

Is incomplete. The last step is downloading the client and the config file from the UCP

The setup links below this picture dont tell you what to do with the config file and it’s not obvious from within the Open VPN gui.

Can anyone guide me?

Its different for each OS you use and we link at the bottom of the wiki to documentation on using OpenVPN with Max, Windows and Linux. Follow those guides.

Thanks Tony,
I looked again and yes, the Linux and Mac do have some type of guide. The Windows option (which is what I used) however just takes you to a download for the client with no guide as to its use.
I have assumed that I need to drop the contents of the zipped client config into the Openvpn/config folder and start the service, this does not however create a vpn on my machine.

The windows client still lacks instructions if anyone is able to supply them.