Vonage with FXO?

OK, before I start… I’ve read the forums, and did a little research… So I know that Vonage with FreePBX is not common for several reason… BUT…

I have a gandfatherd vonage plan that is ridicuously cheap & thought I’ve outgrown the need for 1 single line, and now have a FreePBX install to better meet those needs… I also don’t really want to give up my vonage line… And I’d really like to not have 2 phones on my desk.

Mostly, I use the vonage line for outbound calls since it does have unlimted calling.

One thing to note, is that my PBX is hosted offsite.

So my questions are…

A: Can I use something like an fxo to plug the vonage device phone line into, and then set that fxo to connect to my freepbx server? I’ve seen to cisco fxo’s that seem to be for that purpose (ie: SPA3000)?

B: Any risks in doing so? Quality or security?

C: Am I missing something? I don’t think I have seen this Idea anywhere else… So Maybe I’m missing something… I am somewhat inexperienced.

It was easy till you got to this part.

Since you want to interface hardware to hardware, not having half the hardware means adding another hardware device like an ATA, but one that looks like a phone, and not a socket.

Is it doable? Sure. As an exercise, it will probably even be interesting. It’s going to end up being a bunch of pieces that all need to be managed separately.

I would have thought that an “really simple” solution would be to set up “Call; forwarding” on that line to the only phone you would need on the desk. For the continued use of the outbound trunk, then a cheapo FXO/SIP interface, would be relatively easy.

I should perhaps clarify even further…If I’m reading your response right…

I have an IP phone (cisco 7960) on my desk currently, which connects back to the remote pbx server. I would assign one of the 6 “line buttons” to whatever way I connect the “vonage” extension.

Doesn’t an FXO like the SPA3000 not have the ability to “convert” a pots line to somewhat of a trunk? Or maybe I’m misunderstanding what an fxo is for… which I guess is why I’m asking.

I was thinking the vonage adapter plugs into the FX… FXO connects to pbx, where it basically becomes another trunk.

Thanks Dicko, appreciate you taking the time to respond. Sounds like I’m on the right track.

Yes, just build a trunk to the SPA, and treat it just like that for bot In and Out if you want.

sweet. Thanks