Volume stuck at max with Sangoma phone firmware 1.59

We have two installs reporting that with firmware 1.59 installed Sangoma phones are stuck at or near max volume. In both instances we decreased the volume in EPM to -4dB with no change.

We arerolling back both locations to 1.58 to see if that resolves it.

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Rolling back to 1.58 fixed the issue. I see 1.60 is out now but haven’t found the change log to see if this problem is fixed.

I had the same issues so I rolled back, 1.60 seems to be OK so far.

Are these S500 phones? I have a customer that reported the same thing, but maybe it’s not just that model.,

S50X and S70X both affected, per our customers. We rolled back to 1.58 last week and that fixed it. Will try 1.60 later this week.

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