Volume issues

Hi All,
we have recently setup a freePBX system and are about to get another online in the comming weeks, so basically i am on the way to becomming an expert. the issue that i am having is i have an extention setup that calls head office via a pots line if noone answers at that location, the issue is when it transfers the line volume is really low and has a little bit of echo. the whole system is pots based as the connection at the remote site has a un reliable internet connection. so i have googled this alot and most people are saying thet if you edit the tx/rx config in the extentions config that it may fix the issue, but i cant seem to find that setting. also i have read that its not a good idea to be editing the extentions.conf as it may mess up free pbx. any instructions or help would be appreciated.

You likely have an impedence issue with your POTS line.

The way you solve it depends entirely upon how you have connected your system to POTS. Most FXO devices/cards have ways to try different impedence settings. Some even have an impedence test that will auto set the impendence for you. I suspect, but don’t know for sure, that some may even automatically set the impedence.