VoipInnovations SMS Capabilities

Since sangoma not owns VoipInnovations, anyone know if there’s any plans to enable SMS in FreePBX from VoipInnovation sip trunks?

I really can’t comment on what Sangoma has planned for the future, but this sounds like a great idea! You can always feel free to submit a feature request for this in the FreePBX Jira (https://issues.freepbx.org). I think Sangoma would implement it if enough people are requesting for it.

As a long time (like, nearly original) customer of Voip Innovations, I’ve been watching the SMS capability and have tried to figure out a use case for me to use it. I haven’t - I’ve never found a reason to use it. There was a point where I was going to try to get SMS to display on my Chan-SCCP-B Phones, but none of my customers were interested and I wasn’t going to spend the time on something no one would ever use.

There are Asterisk patches/context entries that allow you to access VI’s SMS capabilities and I don’t think those are likely to change soon. If someone were interested, most of the work is done, and including the references and background in a Feature Request to move the project along probably would hurt someone that is looking for this capability.

Just wanted to let you know that this is actually trivial to implement especially if you’re already receiving SMS to SIP phones. The chan-sccp-b driver has an XML push built in for it, so all you have to do is MessageSend(sccp/1000,...) just like you otherwise would with sip or pjsip. It’s neat, but there’s no reply function built in, so I guess you’d have to build an XML app for that (I have not).

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I’m in the same boat as you, I can’t really wrap my head around the use case here so wanted to set it up and play with it a bit to see if there was something I was just missing about the concept. At least I’m not alone.

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