VoIP Test: How to test the quality of your WAN for VoIP

I came across an awesome tool that I wanted to share with the community here.


I recently installed a residential FreePBX on Raspberry Pi, but had terrible call quality issues with my BroadVoice (Phone Power) SIP Trunk. Echo, dropping, clipping, everything that people hate about VoIP, I had it.

And I couldn’t understand what the hell the problem was. The WAN connection was very nice, I tested at speedtest.net and was getting 30mbps down 15 mpbs up. Also, I have configured RasPBX before and was sure the settings were correct. I also even have other SIP Trunks with BroadVoice that the quality is excellent.

I could only guess that BroadVoice’s residential service sucked. But after using this tool, I found out that, although the residential WAN connection has good speed, it has shitty quality - high jitter and packet loss.

After using this tool, I realized why so many people hate VoIP companies like MagicJack and Vonage. Maybe the hated VoIP companies don’t actually suck, people’s residential internet connections suck, not necessarily in terms of speed these days, but quality.

Take the test a few times to find out your average quality score

For the MOS score, you can check out what the score means here:


4.4 is the maximum quality of G711

For a client with a 100mbps down Comcast Xfinity Business Internet connection, the score is 4.2
The users have noticed that the quality of the SIP Trunk audio exceeds the analog lines that they used before

For the Residential connection that had terrible quality issues, it scored a MOS of 3.2