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Hello, I explain my situation to you and ask you for help as far as this is concerned. In the office I have a subscription FTTH 1 Gbit fiber Work Solution Red + VAT and for obvious limits of the Vodafone Station I have replaced it for several months with a proprietary firewall (Sonicwall TZ400, Fortinet Fortigate 60E, Mikrotik Hex S). No configuration problems with any of the firewalls. It was enough to set Vlan 1036 on the PPoE connection as indicated by Vodafone.Public IP so without NAT of the Vodafone Station and every VPN (Ipsec site to site, L2TP / Ipsec) or Port forwarding functioning perfectly and without problems. So I went to see the configuration of Voip, with relative calm, given the unnecessary nature of my business.And there it was not roses and flowers as for the data part.I first tried to configure the sip trunk with Freepbx by finding various ideas on the network but nothing.If I remember correctly I was able to register and make calls but not to receive them.Reading here and there, I saw that someone had successfully configured the Grandstream HT801 and therefore bought it.After days of tests, I managed to get to a stable configuration that allows me to make and receive calls without any problem: the line is always present, the selection of numbers immediately (too much) and the quality of the excellent call.Now during the quarantine, I started looking at the configuration on Freepbx again but there is nothing to do.Despite the support of the configuration parameters of the HT801, there was nothing to do. I can’t even register the number anymore (it will be that in the meantime the version of asterisk has changed …).Now, in addition to the obvious method of using two HT801 (one connected to Vodafone Voip and one connected to Asterisk) that works, I ask you: is there anyone who has been able to configure directly as a Sip trunk (sip or pjsip) on asterisk the Vodafone Voip line?Thanks so much for your help.Obviously no problem sharing the HT801’s configuration if someone needed it.George

Could be losing you in translation, but posting your SIP debug from Asterisk CLI might help sort it out. If you are configuring Vodafone with SIP registration, there will be lots of REGISTER messages in that output as sent by the PBX.

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