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I’m sure there are many in the same boat as I am in currently. We have roughly 95% or so of our numbers with Vitelity and the other 5% are with VoIP.ms - the past month or so has been pretty rocky. The companies that I support are in the recruiting industry so for the most part they rely heavily on their desk phones but there are a few employees that would rather use their cell phones, which is a relief. One of the companies in question has presented the past few issues that Vitelity has had as “unacceptable” and that we should look into other options. Keep in mind, I have worked here for nearing two years now and I feel like for the most part, Vitelity has been pretty reliable up until recently.

What is everyone else using? Are you just going to wait it out or are you actively looking for a different solution - or have implemented a solution? I’ve heard great things about Flowroute but unsure who their upstream carrier is. The thing is, I fully understand there isn’t a 100% bulletproof solution and frankly even if there was I’m sure it would get shot down due to cost - gotta pay to play!

I will be looking into possible other providers/solutions in the coming days but was curious what everyone else is using? Any input would be greatly appreciated - cheers and happy Friday!

Check out Skyetel … they’ve been rock solid and have all the proper mitigation strategies in place.

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(Isn’t that what the all said ( until . . .) I hope they all survive, I believe there will have to be a severe shakeup over the near future but “time will tell”)

VoIP.ms never said anything. It is one reason I quit using them as a primary years ago.

Skyetel has plan, they haven’t been attacked in this go around, but they have a plan.

Broadband had a plan, they were attacked and their plan held up to some extent. But rumors I am hearing is that the amount of bandwidth being used in this attack is likely in the top 10 of all DDoS attacks to date.

Please enlighten us on how you can be better than a DDoS like that?

Vitelity’s issues are self inflicted and have nothing to do with the recent attacks. So that is just a bit of bad luck on your part as a reseller. What you do for this is simply go into the historical record with your customers and get them to see things in perspective.

You may need to dredge up so old ass memories for them about the days before VoIP when cut wires could mean outages for a a day or more and rain meant static filled calls.

So much this. It’s one thing to be hit by DDoS and have to work on mitigating that, and another completely to cause major outages week in week out through stupidity.

(Not a big believer in coincidence on this scale, (no matter what they say))

I noticed disruption started on 09/14 and have a capture of every call since then on a big server, I use various carriers IN and OUT, I am still seeing ‘disruption’ as of now()

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