Voip provider where I can check voicemail in browser

I am a voip noob. Don’t know what I am doing but can definitely follow directions (like copy this code, paste it here). I need a phone number that rings a few times, then goes to voicemail (not straight to voicemail). I want to check my missed calls and voicemails by logging into some website via browser. I don’t want to download any apps. I want to call back the people who called using my number on their caller ID. I imagine for this I would log into some website, be presented with a dialpad (no pun intended) and dial the number I am trying to call. Eventually I may need to forward calls to my cell phone, but not yet.
cannot be: voip ms, dialpad com, twilio, localphone. I have considered: telnyx, flowroute, callcentric, but not sure if they allow what I need done since their websites are not very informative and they hide everything behind a pay wall.

Hi Graham

This forum is for FreePBX and related discussion. It’s not clear if you’re asking how to build and configure a FreePBX system, or if you’re looking for a ready-made voice service that offers the features you’re looking for. If it’s the former, the FreePBX will do everything you’re asking, but know that it comes with a learning curve.

Hi Graham,

I am fairly a noob, too, but in case this may help, my FreePBX will email me an attachment of the voicemail messages. I can listen to the attachment and I believe the message also includes the caller ID info. HTH

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