Voip phones

Hi, do you guys buy polycom, yealink and cisco devices? Kindly let me know.



I currently working with Grandstream phones, also worked with Yealink and Snom.

Grandstream and Yealink are both great and easy to set
Snom is a little bit more complicated than the other 2 especially when it comes to advance configurations, but also a good device

Grandstream phones are my go-to. I have a few that are still running after nearly 20 years, and several hundred more of their current models deployed to many sites. Everyone loves them, and I even have the GXP2170 with sidecars in use on my own desk.

Yealink is also a great alternative to Grandstream. I have a bunch of older Polycoms running well, and clients say that their audio is better than the newer models. I haven’t used any Cisco (Linksys) endpoints in a long time, mainly because they were only mediocre, at best, when I tried them out originally.

We use Sangoma P Series, Grandstream and Snom. All 3 work great, Sangoma P Series has free integrations. My clients actually really like the Snom phones. We have zero issues programming all 3.

I’ve used Polycom and Sangoma. Had a few firmware issues with Polycom at first, but worked it all out. I’m moving to Sangoma for the free integration and hopefully better integration.

We are mainly using Yealink for our deskphones. Their phones have a really good price-performance ratio and you can easily integrate the FreePBX feature codes for phone features like voice mail, always forward, DND, call waiting etc. in the phone settings.
But we had a delay issue with the SIP-T33G model which got fixed with a newer firmware which I got from their support. Other models didn’t have the issue. Strangely enough this firmware is still not public available.
Also we have a weird codec issue on calls between our softphone Sangoma Phone Desktop and our Yealinks. Disabling the codec G722 on our Yealink fixed the issue. But I am not quiet sure if it is a phone or a softphone issue. This problem occurs only between the two endpoints.

I like Yealink too, super reliable, very mature. Nothing wrong with Sangoma hardware and you get free provisioning which is nice, not to mention better support availability.

However on many recent installs for my more cost-conscious clients, I’ve been buying grey market Digiums such as the D62, D65 and D70 which are also supported for free by the EPM.

Edit Polycoms are hard to deal with imho with FreePBX.

We use a mix of Cisco SPA 504g, Cisco CP-8844 deskphones
and for wireless DECT Gigaset IP N510 pro with 4 handsets.
For softphone I use MicroSIP (simple lightweight and does the job)

One Cisco SPA112 ATA ( Analog Telehone adapter) for a legacy device.

In daily use I prefer the Cisco 8844 and Gigaset DECTS.
As for setting up the 8844 are most notorius for being difficult. (Enterprise firmware)
The other ones all have good webinterfaces.