VOIP Phones go off line (no calls) when Windows server is shutdown

We are currently using FreePBX version13 on a physical server which is running on its own VLAN. We are trying to retire an old Windows domain controller (All domain related features have already been removed) and when it is shutdown our desk phones go offline/no calls internal or external. When we turn on the server everything starts working again.

The odd thing is when the server is shutdown, the phone server does have connectivity to ping google, etc.

I have checked multiple services on the server and looked through the phone system for a connection but didn’t have any luck.

Phone system is not connected to AD

Any ideas of how the two are connected or anyone else have this issue?

Are the desk phones using the windows DC for DNS or DHCP? That would be my guess.


If you’re using chan_sip, and the PBX loses access to DNS, that will cause your SIP endpoints to drop as well.

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Thanks for the info. Desk phones are not using windows DC for DNS or DHCP. We are using chan_sip, but I checked DNS and it has been updated to the new DC. Is DNS hardcoded into asterisks somewhere?

You should be able to go into the OS on the new PBX and determine what it’s using for its DNS server(s). Linux cat /etc/resolv.conf or Windows ipconfig with the CLI options you need, for example.

No, but if you made changes to the DNS config, you may have to restart asterisk

fwconsole restart
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