Voip.ms service down?


Hello. Is anyone using voip.ms service ? Is it still working fine? It seems to me it’s down already.
I can’t go to their website and the pbx can’t connect to their server.

WARNING[2456]: acl.c:835 resolve_first: Unable to lookup ‘washington.voip.ms’

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Thank you!

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I see they are down - again -
Is there any way to work around failures like this? I am guessing if -somehow- I could get into the portal and forward numbers to another provider… it would fail because it has to go through voip.ms first?


call forwarding wouldn’t work. I did already. I guess the call forwarding signal can’t reach to their server because DDoS attack.

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That was my thought too… I am getting beat up pretty bad, customers can not make or receive calls even after I changed the name to ip addresses :frowning:

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