Voip.ms how to register a sub-account?

Hi guys,

How do I make registration from the account that has sub-account with its own DID?

Main account registered ok.


In the VoIP.ms portal, go to Sub Accounts → Manage Sub Accounts. Click the edit button for the sub account you want do use for your trunk. The Username shown (looks like 123456_1) should be entered as the username for your new trunk. They won’t show you the password, so if you don’t know it, ask for a random password to be generated. You can then change it if desired. Whatever password you end up with, use that value as Secret for the trunk.

You may not have to do any of this, because you can route (at VoIP.ms) multiple DIDs to your main account or to the same sub account. For outgoing, your PBX can supply the caller ID.

Hi Stewart,

I already have master account in the sip trunk setting, it looks like: username=000000.
How do you recommend that I put sub acc username?

Thank you.

So I have to create a new trunk with sub acc credentials then?

Unless you have some unusual requirement, you can just route the DID to the account or sub account to which your existing trunk is registered. I described how to set up a new trunk, only because you specifically asked “how to register a sub-account”.

Oh, I see. I have existing trunk with master account. It just not clear in their documentation about how to handle sub-account.

Do you know how to route DID from sub-account to main on provider site so it routed to FreePBX trunk?

I don’t have any DIDs with VoIP.ms so I’m not sure, but under DID Numbers → Manage DID(s), you should be able to change the Routing to Main Account and then calls should go to your existing trunk.

Yes, tried this, still no go. But thanks. Will contact support.

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