VOIP.ms busy signal on inbound calls


I’m building my first freepbx server and I’m having an issue on inbound calls. Every call goes busy as soon as it connects (by connects I mean to VOIP.ms I assume).

Heres some of the things I’ve done to troubleshoot:

I’ve verified that I am connecting to the server at voip.ms since they have the tool on their website that tells you if you’re connected. I’ve ran the asterisk -rvvvvvv command and watched to see what errors I am getting on the inbound call and I’m getting none. I mean it does absolutely nothing, it doesn’t see the call hitting at all. I’ve turned off the firewall on freepbx and on my network just to make sure its not that and it had no effect. I did end up downloading a softphone and setup the DID on that and it worked correctly and rings inbound.

I’m thinking it something to do with my inbound route? But at this point I’m out of Ideas…

I and running this as a virtual machine withing unraid ( I can’t see that making a difference but just so its known).

I am using IAX and my string is setup “100000:[email protected]:4569”

^^^ Thats all I have setup for income calls, is their something else I’m missing? Another setting or area that I need to adjust?

Please, any help would be great!!

Thanks everyone!

Or if anyone knows a better forum to ask this question?


Don’t expect immediate support from a random post asking for free help.

You trunk must not be up correctly if you see nothing in the log on an inbound call.

A couple of general tips.

  1. Don’t use IAX2, use a normal SIP connection on the VoIP.ms side.
  2. Use the pjsip channel driver in FreePBX.

Here is an old guide I wrote for FreePBX 13 but it is still valid. I specifically used VoIP.ms in this example.


Sorani, thanks for the quick reply!! I had no expectation of an immediate solution and if it came across that way I apologize. I have a complete understanding this is an internet forum and it may take quite some time to get an answer or it may not happen at all.

But on to the larger issue. I rebuilt my trunk as a pjsip with the directions you provided and it works perfectly!! Thank you very much for the link!!

Not sure why it wouldn’t work as IAX2 but I have no direct need to use it that way so I’ll just go with it!!

Again thank you!

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