VoIP Line Extension

I have a VoIP line, registration was successful and i can send/receive calls. I have multiple rooms in my house and would like to extend it to other rooms. Is it possible? if yes, how?

appreciate your input


I’m assuming you want every single phone to ring at the same time. You have two options. Either 1, change your extension to have more than 1 max_connections. You can see this in the extensions advanced settings. Then have each phone register with the same code.

The second option is to use ring groups and multiple extensions (however I wouldn’t recommend this for your situation, but it does have interesting flexibility).

Just use ring groups, that way the rooms can still call each other

Is there any documentation or steps to configure have extensions to more than 1 max_connections? Also for ring groups

Wiki page for ring groups

Max Contacts param for pjsip extension

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