VOIP Innovations Cloud Network

Good Morning Colleagues
I hope you are doing fine . I was checked Firewall ==> Networks and i have found the below entries that i didn’t as a local zone . Does my system is hacked ?

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VI is a Sangoma company. If you have the VI module installed, it probably added those addresses. If you don’t use VI, uninstall the module.

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Good Afternoon PitzKey
Thx for your replay . I have removed VOIP Innovations module and then reboot freepbx but still find the entries at Firewall ==> Networks

So kindly advice.

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Do you have to the Sangoma Connect or Zulu modules installed and are you using them? If you aren’t and they are installed you can remove those as well.

Otherwise manually removing those entries from the firewall should work as well.

If you’re not using VI trunks, you can remove the module and the firewall rules.

Thx Igaetz

Thx Igor for your replay