VOIP Gateway - anyone using this?

Hi everyone,

I am planning to use AudioCodes M1000 gateway. I believe Digium has G100 gateway too. Has anyone use gateway like this?

Is it correct if I see the gateway as follows?

ISDN PRI T1 or E1 -> VOIP Gateway -> Ethernet Switch (LAN) -> IP PBX Server (which is freepbx/asterisk)

Is this correct? So the calls are been translated to IP calls and pass over the networks? That’s simple?

Skip the gateway and just purchase a T1/E1 card for your PBX.

i’m getting the gateway because of hylafax server (for T.38 purpose).

so I have to use the gateway. Any help to confirm whether the above gateway flow works for freepbx/asterisk?

Hylafax works with Internal cards.

My personal take is I like to use Cisco routers with PRI interfaces. You can get a Cisco 1760V and a PRI card for $200 on eBay. How can you go wrong? The quality of the Cisco and ease of IOS programming are huge in my book.

well, i used audiocodes m1000 due to t.38 to gain real time faxing. i am not sure your above approach does work for T.38? the approach is recommended by hylafax’s team (they recommend audiocodes, but i could go with other t.38 gateways too). thanks anyway for replying :slight_smile:


Are you saying you Buy a used 1760 and a T-1 module for IT… interface that to your PRI and then handoff SIP to asterisk?

Yes 1760V, use the VWIC-1MFT-T1 VWIC.

You need to have the right DSP’s installed and I don’t think it can do 23 channels of g.729, you are limited to low complexity CODEC like g.711.

I can’t imagine why you’d want to use g.729 anyway across the LAN from the gateway to the PBX. Hell all my remote phones all use 711 and only have one site that has an issue… and I’m convinced that’s the fault of the sonicwall being overworked, or faulty.

Very interesting Idea. I have a client that for the past 6 months has been using 100% SIP trunking, been mostly happy until the last 2 months. Vitelity has had two major outages (one was regional caused by their upstream carrier) in the last week, and so we are about to order up a PRI.

His call Volume is only about 500 Calls Processed a Day, across 3 sites. Kinda hate to spend $900 on a PRI card just for that… And to have to crack open the R310