"VoIP Drama! Sangoma vs. ClearlyIP"


https://youtu.be/vx1dwA0RZDw @Crosstalk


It’s a shame at 35 mins Chris uses the term “Bullying” and even begins to suggest there is a “Battle” between Sangoma and ClearlyIP. What a shame, I always liked him.


Lots of talk about Open Source here, don’t see how any Open Source Module can be disabled by the lack of or revocation of a ‘signing key’, they need to all be in PlainText by definition.

It seems that the ClearlyIP modules are not OpenSource, (and nor are any “commercial” modules published by Sangoma, even if “free”) But I will stand to be corrected . . .


We are all in the same place and (with 150k+ subscribers) I though it would be rude for Crosstalk not to comment. They did. I am left feeling slightly flat by his lack of – pick a side – or did he? At least we know where Chris stands though, I guess that’s worth knowing… Doesn’t change my opinion though.

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I’ve never been much of a fan of Crosstalk’s videos, but I know a lot of people like them.

Chris left a good bit of history out of that video.

Like all the crap that came down from @wardmundy when Schmoozecom (not Sangoma) implemented all the commercial offerings. @wardmundy posted a decent history of all of that back in his An Open Letter to Sangoma: Here’s to a New Beginning in 2015.

As someone who has been using all of this stuff for more than a decade, there is a lot of bullshit that seems to get conveniently “forgotten” at times.

Ward has his own interests here and part of that is being in everything. He got fed up with FreePBX and sold out to 3CX. Then he made things for Wazo, FreePBX again, Issabel, VitalPBX, and now FreePBX with ClearlyIP modules.


Exactly why I posted it. Thank you.

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This is true. Nothing here involves anything that is open source, to my knowledge.

But, the mechanism for signing can be used to revoke any module that has their key signed. Open Source or not. It is just that no one seems to be making anything open source.


In the UK, we as a company are on something of an anti-3CX agenda. FreePBX has everything to do with that. And we are so grateful for the alternative.


Well, I would have to disagree with that, presumably you watched the video, if you missed the number of times “Open Source” was said out loud (and IMHO inappropriately) , and still say ‘nothing here’ I didn’t.

My experience is that if you ‘uncheck’ ‘Enable Module Signature Checking’ in advanced settings , then how could that possibly happen?

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Yeah I remember that too.

The hostility started even before Schmooze was acquired by Sangoma.
Ward seemed to hate the Schmooze guys and they seemed to hate him back. Then there came this Freepbx distro to Piaf conversion script, then a Piaf to Freepbx distro conversion script.

Wouldn’t have thought that they would ever be working together again, let alone form a business partnership.

I guess nobody takes things personally in that business.

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That is a completely separate scenario than I mentioned. We all know you don’t run the distro in the first place. So anything “commercial” doesn’t matter to you.


There I go again, I was discussing “FreePBX” here in a forum for FreePBX users and the inappropriate use of “opensource” , I do use a ‘distro’ but not, apparently by your presumption ‘the distro’ ( nor the ClearlyIP distro), you yourself refer to 5 such ‘distros’, most are actually based on FreePBX so I assume such posts are pertinent here for discussion, no?

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Of course you can. But, because the Schmooze team chose to name the entire distro with the same name as the open source GUI that it was based on, you have to be specific about what is being discussed as they are separate things.

No actually, I did not. The last time I installed Wazo and Vital PBX I installed the underlying Linux distro first, than I installed their add ons. The PBX system itself is not a distro.

I’ve never installed Issabel, and don’t plan on it anytime soon.

While Ward has long made it a point that his solutions are something you run from a base Linux install and then his scripts install (and sometimes build) the correct versions of things for the distro it was run on. I haven’t run one of his since he sold out to 3CX.

Can you argue strict definitions of terms? Sure, and I’m used to dealing with someone that does that all the time. But the rest of us use the terms colloquially understood as described above.

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Any idea how this affects unsigned modules? I do use unsigned open source modules and ignore the warnings.

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Interesting read.

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It does not affect anything except the ClearlyIP modules originally signed with their GPG key that was also signed by the Sangoma key.

If I understood the video, ClearlyIP has apparently made a new signing key not currently affected by this. So as long as you update everything, not even their stuff will be affected now.

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