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I’m recently having issues with voicemails being discarded due to recording length issues, similar to the OP in this thread.

Like the OP in that thread, I’m thinking this is an issue with PBXAct improperly detecting silence (or not properly detecting audio). I’ve found that if I speak loudly, voicemails are preserved. If I speak in my normal voice, however, nothing is detected and I’m disconnected at the silence threshold.

The last VM notification I got was 10 days ago and, to the best of my knowledge, there have been no changes made to my PBX between now and then. No amount of changes in Voicemail Admin > Settings > Limits have had any effect, nor has changing the Voicemail Recording Gain option.

A log with PJSIP logging enabled didn’t shed any light on this, though I’m not the most adept at reading those logs.

I can duplicate this at will on both internal and external calls. If I am not talking at above a normal tone, the voicemail is discarded.

Any thoughts on things I can try? I’m out of ideas.

Thanks in advance.


Have you tried reducing the silence threshold in Voicemail Settings?

How about you post some of those logs so those that know how to read them can see what is actually happening…

Here’s a pastebin link:

I replaced my domain with “mydomain” and edited out all the NOTIFY packets (so many notify packets).

To rule out external sources, I called my extension from my extension and waited for VM to pick up. I then spoke normally into my phone for close to 10 seconds and then hung up. Asterisk says it was only 1 second long.

Any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Pastebin seems to be immediately deleting my pastes for some reason. Let me upload it somewhere else…

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Pastebin is being a butt on moderating my post so here’s another link:

So everyone is having this problem? Or are you noticing it just for your extension? Do the CDRs show calls being sent to voicemail and you never got said voicemail?

I can duplicate this on every extension I’ve tried.

Calls are definitely going to voicemail but the logs indicate the recorded message lasts only a second or two so it’s being discarded due to length. I can talk at normal volume and I’ll get forcefully disconnected at whatever I set the max silence to, every time.

This problem goes away if I speak loudly, which seems to indicate that Asterisk is having an issue hearing during voicemail recording, perhaps? On all other calls, the audio is just fine. I can play back any normal phone call and hear both sides just fine. This only happens during VM recordings.

I’m not asking about your tests. I’m asking about actual callers that have called in and possibly left a voicemail. Not just to your mailbox but any other mailbox on the system. If someone else leaves you a voicemail during this testing, do you get it?

I still think the silence threshold is set too high. Its not hearing a quiet talker. Also the volume gain on voicemail requires sox being installed on the system. I don’t know if PBXact does that.

[2024-02-14 07:22:47] VERBOSE[1673][C-0000a552] app_voicemail.c: Recording was 1 seconds long but needs to be at least 3 - abandoning

We don’t get a whole lot of calls that go to voicemail so it’s tough to say. The logs from yesterday only show one other failure due to length and that was prior to my testing. The logs from 2 days ago show 2 failures due to length. The timestamps for all 3 failures show that the recorded message was longer than the 3 second minimum but less than the 10 second silence timeout, so there should be something, even if it was dead air.

I’ve monkeyed around with that setting to no avail. I’ve set it both high and low and it hasn’t made a difference.

Per the documents

g( # ) - Use the specified amount of gain when recording the voicemail message. The units are whole-number decibels (dB). Only works on supported technologies, which is DAHDI only

So it has no bearing here.

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