[VoiceMail] Where do i change Email Attachment, Play CID, Play Envelope Defaults?


When i created a new extensions this values are set to NO.

I want to change the default to yes, But i can not find where to do it

at Voicemail admin sendvoicemail is set to yes, how ever when i create new extentions its still on NO.

I dont think its at voicemail admin center…

These and many other defaults can be set in Voicemail Admin. Select Voicemail Admin from the Settings menu and then click the Settings link from the “System View Links” on the settings page.

I have seen those, but as i said.
i changed sendvoicemail to yes, hoewever i still see at the extentions as no.

For purposes of the system, “default” means “the value when you set up the extensions”. What you are asking for is the “gloabl” setting (which is updated for all extensions when you make a change) and there is no Global setting for this option.

Since the extension is already created, the value it had when you set it up would be the same as it was a few minutes ago.