Voicemail Transcription in UCP

Seeing if it’s possible to take the GCloud Voicemail transcription script…and make it viewable in UCP. This is needed for environments where email isn’t an option such as medical environments with hippa constraints. This is already a feature in FusionPBX

I believe this can be done by either append the existing voicemail message file with a new or existing field aka duration, in order to make the voicemail transcription viewable in UCP. Or…creating a custom widget that pulls the new voicemail and transcription files and makes them viewable.

So something like
get msg id—
do transcription–
append msgid duration field with transcription

WHOLE What? dont leave us hanging!

In all seriousness, you would need to ask Sangoma directly if they are going to build it (likely not right now). Then either build it yourself or pay Sangoma or a 3rd party dev to build it for you. Hopefully in a way you could contribute it back to the project. If it is critical and you need it right away and supported, FusionPBX might be your best option.

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