Voicemail to multiple emails?

I am sure this has been asked before, but I can’t find an answer.

I want to set up a voicemail and send the voicemail to multiple emails (imagine a voice mail to “support” that should be answered by one of several support people). I have tried to enter two email addresses separated with a semicolon, but it is only delivered to the first one. How can one do this?


Never mind. Found the answer here:


In short: You add an alias in /etc/aliases (for example: people: [email protected], [email protected]), refresh the alias list (# newaliases), and then send the voicemail to [email protected]

Works for me. Perfect.

You can’t do it within the FreePBX interface. You need to setup a distribution list in your mail server and use the distribution address in the FreePBX setting.

Didn’t know about that. You should write a “how to” and post it in the Support wiki.

How do I do that?

Just post the how-to here and I’ll move it over. Most forum members don’t have permissions on the documentation pages…

Sending voice messages to several emails simultaneously:

Open /etc/alias
Use your favorite editor and add a line at the end:

people: [email protected],[email protected]

Save the file.

At the command prompt, enter: newaliases

Once done, go to the PBX GUI and enter

[email protected]

into the email address that you want to send the voice mail to. This will send the voice mail as an email attachment to all email addresses in the “people:” line.

when I tried [email protected] it did not work. My machine has a different host name. I had to put [email protected] for my aliases to work – where people is the name in /etc/aliases I set, and host.hostname.com is my machine’s hostname. Works great.

Squeek, I would think so. When my emails go out (see your /var/log/maillog run a # tail -f /var/log/maillog and watch what happens when you mail goes out) it hits my provider at 1an1. I have my domain there set with a DNS record that points to my box. Then my box accepts the emails in. Seems kind of convoluted, but that’s how I make it work. Should work with any email host.

Can you do this with any email host?

Thanks for the great suggestion! I used Webmin to setup the alias and all worked A-OK :slight_smile:

Here’s how I ended up doing this, without having to allow someone to touch /etc. It’s not a big deal for home users but in other situations you don’t want anyone messing with those files.

This way the people managing the extensions can just put in multiple email addresses directly from FreePBX.