Voicemail-to-email (send out to more than one email address)


When using voicemail-to-email (at the extension level):

Can we use more than one email address?

If so, would we use a comma, ampersand delimited, or something else to separate out the email addresses?

I know about using a group email or alias type email, but in some cases this approach is not so fast-doable.

Thanks for any tips / suggestions.

The easiest way would be to create an email distribution group with your email provider then send voicemails to that address.

An alternative would be to use /etc/aliases and point the voicemail email address to the created alias.

We use

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Works well

For the record, you cannot use comma’s for the voicemail.conf file because comma’s is how the voicemail.conf parses the user options. Comma’s are a FreePBX GUI format for ease of users.

; Each mailbox is listed in the form =,,,<pager_email>,
; If email is specified, a message will be sent when a voicemail is received, to
; the given mailbox, for each address listed (separated by |, exd. [email protected]|[email protected]).

So it ends up looking like this for example.

;4069 => 6522,Matt Brooks,matt[email protected]|[email protected],,|tz=central|attach=yes|saycid=yes|dialout=fromvm|callback=fromvm|review=yes|operator=yes|envelope=yes|moveheard=yes|sayduration=

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