Voicemail to email not working

Asterisk version 13.17.1 Freepbx version 10.13.66-21

Using Sys admin Pro we setup the email sever and using debug we can send emails just fine. We have two Voicemail boxes that need to have their messages sent to an email address. According to the Debug log there is no attempt to send an email when there is a new messge in one of the two voicemail boxes. System Admin Pro is the latest version. I can fonfirm that the system “sees” a new message in the mailbox in Voicemail Admin Any ideas as to what is going on?


Seems to me that Voicemail emails are handled through the Voicemail app, not Sysadmin. While it would be cool if they worked together, I’m not sure they do.

What does /var/log/maillog say about the status of the email?
Did you double-check the settings in the VM Admin to make sure that the email is supposed to get sent?

Thanks for the reply Dave,

the log file has no entry for the voicemail It shows the debug test email I sent but nothing after that when we left a message in one of the mailboxes. Double checked the Vmail admin and in the extension and voicemail to email is checked.

Any other ideas on this?

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