Voicemail to email not sending file. SYSADMIN PRO Installed

Hello everyone,

we have a server running freepbx with sysadmin PRO installed and email configured trough gmail.

We can receive notifications on a new voicemail and other types.

But the problem is never we receive the attachments.

I check the attach = yes option also in the account and in the voicemail general settings. Nothing happen at all.

Is there a way to check way isn´t sending files enclosed?

Thanks in advance

Ok, i think that it´s relationed with the User Control Panl Module.

If i go to settings voicemail of the extension on user control panel, there is no attach option.

User control panel 12.0.25

Is there a new version of User Control Panel? It´s posible to fix it by update?

Thanks in advance

Hi everyone,

the Comedian mail problem to attach the voicemail to mail, is an Asterisk bug?