Voicemail to Email No route to host

Hi all,

I am trying to set up Voicemail to Email feature, but my mailog gives me an error No route to host (port 25). I read that maybe ISP is blocking port 25, but I want to be sure that is not my fault. I configured email on extension, and added values in Elastix->Email->Remote SMTP by putting domain mail.mycompany.com (tried also with port 587). Unfortunately when I click Save it gives me an error “Failed to connect to server”. My firewall is turned off. I also tried with /postfix/main.cf file by changing relayhost and myorigin, but the error remains same. I need help.

Thank you

If you experience the same problem it is definetly firewall problem, outgoing smtp was forbbiden.
Kind regards

Please keep in mind that this is the FreePBX forum, and Elastix is not a FreePBX product. They took the code, mangled it up quite a bit, and made their own product. They have their own forum for support and you should always start there.