Voicemail to email as audio file

Running FreePBX
Voicemails are triggering and sending a notification email to the assigned email address. What I can figure out is why it is not attaching the voicemail message to the email.

I am fairly new here, so until the real help comes along, what do you find under Settings, Voicemail Admin? Then look under the resulting pages’ Email tab. Toward the bottom is a setting for Attach Voicemail. Is that set to Yes?

Also check the attachment setting on the extension

Because this is Comedian Mail, you may want to run an ‘fwconsole chown’ and then change the attachment setting in the extension, update the config file by applying changes, and then change it back to make sure the config file is getting set.

Yes, the Attach Voicemail is set to yes.

Ding Ding. We have a winner. I must have missed this setting.
Extension -> Voicemail -> Email Attachment.

Yep - I just saw that, too.

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