Voicemail Time Limit

Is it possible to set a duration limit for voicemails? For example, to terminate the call after 2 minutes? So someone doesn’t leave a long, boring message.

I knew that the question would come so I was prepared for the answer:
This is from voicemail.c:
Option ‘maxmessage’ has been deprecated in favor of ‘maxsecs’. Please make that change in your voicemail config.

Mikael - Thanks for clarifying. Perhaps the maxmessage parameter should be removed in the next voicemail module update? To avoid confusion. Thanks.

Go to Voicemail Admin, click on Settings, enter a value in maxsecs (max number of seconds to record a message) then click Submit.

Thanks Mikael - What is the difference between the maxsecs and maxmessage parameter? They both have the same description!

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