Voicemail Sync Status Between Phone and Email

Apologies if there is something and I missed it:

Is there a way to get it so if you listen to your voicemail through email, it also removes the voicemail from the server / the phone will stop blinking? Also, would like it the other way around - listening to a voicemail on the phone marks the email as “read,” deleting from the phone also deletes the email. With our current Alcatel PBX this is the case. I won’t pretend to know how that works, but I know the voicemail server has access into the users’ O365 email inboxes and that’s how it can tell the phone to stop blinking if the message was listened to or deleted.

I know there’s the “Delete Voicemail” option under an extension’s voicemail settings. However, I’d prefer not to use that. I mean, I’d be perfectly fine with it, but some of our school secretaries don’t have speakers or headphones for their computers and they don’t want potentially confidential voicemails played out to the office if there are parents or students around. They’d like to be able to listen to it through the handset. But to make things better, it would be great if the read and delete status could sync between the two.

There isn’t a way to keep those in sync on FreePBX. We only have VMs coming to emails so that we don’t have to worry about clearing it from the phone’s voice mailbox. There is obviously use cases where you need it on both but in those you just need to manually keep them in sync.

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Ah okay, that’s what I figured. Will definitely have to just train the staff on what to do. One of the things I’ve liked about exploring FreePBX in general - our Alcatel system was installed 20+ years ago, and I’ve only been here for about four years, so I was kind of pushed into it. Since we’ve been considering switching to FreePBX though, I have got to see this system from its birth to now, so I can see all the ins and outs, and how things work. Makes it easier to make instruction manuals and screenshots for staff.

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This is actually possible with IMAP storage (Voicemail Admin → Settings → IMAP Storage). If you open a voicemail message in your email client, it changes from new to old and stops the MWI. However, I have many doubts that it is possible to make this work with O365, even though there is an IMAP connection option for O365 Exchange.

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